[Conference] Nanomaterials Working in the Near-infrared: Biomedical Applications

Today we would like to recomend you Conference which will take place in October  (23rd-27th 2016) in Salt Lake City – Utah (USA) MS&T 2016

Nanomaterials Working in the Near-Infrared:
Biomedical Applications Conference

more info you can find here : http://www.matscitech.org/
•Novel NIR-emitting nanoparticles: quantum dots, metallic
nanoparticles, single-walled carbon nanotubes, rare-earth
doped nanoparticles, organic nanoparticles
•NIR in vivo imaging
•Nanoparticles for bio-sensing: nanothermometry,
chemical sensors, pH monitoring…
•Nanoplatforms for NIR-mediated drug delivery
•Biomedical applications of plasmonic nanostructures
excited in the infrared
•Photo-thermal and photo-dynamic therapy
•NIR-emitting nano-structures and hybrid materials
(including lab-on-a-chip & point of care approaches)
Special Topic:
Surgery & endoscopy applications of NIR-emitting
One of the topics is devoted to nanothermometers and nanoparticles for bio-sensing. Therefore it could be especially interesting for you. Deadline for abstracts submission is 31th March so still few days left…