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Nd:YAG Near-Infrared Luminescent Nanothermometers

A. Benayas, B. del Rosal A. Pérez-Delgado, K. Santacruz-Gómez,D. Jaque, G. A. Hirata and F. Vetrone

Advanced Optical Materials Volume 3, Issue 5, pages 687–694, May 2015

Today we would like to present you excellent example of luminescent thermometer based on Nd3+ doped phosphors – YAG Nd3+ nanoparticles. First of the key thing which makes this paper worth especial attention is the fact of use transition between R1 and R2 Stark component of 4F3/2 state and Z5 component of 4I9/2 ground state. Why? In case of YAG these two lines are very well separated to each other (938 nm 945 nm, respectively) due to Continue reading Nd:YAG Near-Infrared Luminescent Nanothermometers

Neodymium(III) doped fluoride nanoparticles as non-contact optical temperature sensors

D. Wawrzynczyk,   A. Bednarkiewicz,   M. Nyk,   W. Strek, M. Samoc

Nanoscale, 2012,4, 6959-6961

Today we would like to present to you one of the first report concerning Nd3+ doped luminescent thermometer. The importance of this kind of thermometer is related with its full NIR operating mode- both absorption and emission bands are localized in so called optical window of biological tissue (750-1000 nm) for which light absorption and scattering is the lowest leading to meaningful increase of the depth of the temperature Continue reading Neodymium(III) doped fluoride nanoparticles as non-contact optical temperature sensors

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Today we do not want to write about scientific paper but would like to present to you short article from The Scientist. This article gives briefly approach to the scientific scientific work of Seiichi Uchiyama, Madoka Suzuki, Luis Carlos, Daniel Jaque, Mikhail Lukin. This article allows us to understand the great importance of recent achievement in the field of luminescent thermometers at nanoscale. So what are they working on? Uchida is using Continue reading It’s Getting Hot in Here

Luminescence nanothermometry

Luminescence nanothermometry

D. Jaque, F. Vetrone

Nanoscale, 2012, 7, 4301.

Presented review is devoted only to luminescent thermometers at nanoscale and gives the classification of all luminescent thermometers depending on the type of temperature dependent spectroscopic feature like intensity, band shape, intensity, bandwidth, band shape, polarization, spectral shift and lifetime. In this paper readers may find characterization of wide range different type of non contact temperature sensors based on Continue reading Luminescence nanothermometry

Thermometry at the nanoscale

Thermometry at the nanoscale

Carlos D. S. Brites Patricia P. Lima, Nuno J. O. Silva, Angel Millan, Vitor S. Amaral, Fernando Palacio and Luıs D. Carlos

Nanoscale, 2012, 4, 4799


First things first… so first few posts in Latest news will briefly show the review articles concerning luminescent thermometers. Today we would like to present to you excellent review paper concerning thermometers at nanoscale. The main goal of this manuscript is the comprehensive studies of different nanothermometers including: infrared thermography, thermoreflectance technique, thermometers based on Raman scattering and transmission electron microscopy, micro-thermocouple, near-field scanning optical microscopy, liquid crystal thermography, scanning thermal microscopy, optical interferometry, and luminescent thermometry. From this comparison it is clearly shown Continue reading Thermometry at the nanoscale